My5 Campaign

The Idea

The My5 campaign is a public health campaign run by the Youth Board. It is a new and exciting opportunity to talk to the public, and to work with others to understand the need to keep ourselves mentally and physically healthy.  

The campaign mainly focuses on the 5 steps to wellbeing, re-branded and re-marketed, hence the title My5.

The 'My5' Steps                                     

The five catchy steps that we feel will keep everybody mentally and physically healthy are; My5 logo

(Click on the steps to find out more and view the videos) 

These steps bring the campaign to life and are the ethos surrounding the work that we deliver. There’s a heavy focus on advertising and marketing- looking at these steps, this means that there are many opportunities for using creative skills and to be particularly active in the campaign. There are opportunities to deliver workshops to schools or colleges and even possibilities of radio interviews! We have already made our My5 postcards so follow this link to download your copy.                 

The Toolkit 

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The My5 toolkit is a online digital e-learning tool developed as an integral part of teaching young people and carers the re-branded 5 steps to well being.

This e-learning tool can be accessed here for free:

                       > Click to begin the My5 e-learning tool <

Welcome my5

Call to Action

Tell us how you look after yourself and what you do to keep yourself healthy on a day to day basis. 

Comment on our Facebook page or Tweet us at @YSyouthboard

My5 Vlog

Click on this link to see the my5 vlog

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My 5 Campaign Postcards

The My5 campaign is a public health campaign run by the Youth Board. As part of the campaign the Youth Board have designed a series of postcards that can be printed off and distributed. Just click on the link below!

My5 Postcards