Young people are different

Separate services exist for children and for adults but rarely just for young people. We think young people are different and that young people aged 16-25 years deserves their own specialty; they should have their own services that are designed for their needs.

What is Youthspace?

As a team we provide lots of things for young people aged 16-25 years old. We are part of Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust and provide:

  • Clinical services: that provide support to young people 16-25 years in South Birmingham who have mental health difficulties and have been referred by their GP. 
  • Research team: who conduct research into mental health and young people, especially into that of psychosis and look at ways in which we can raise awareness of psychosis and improve outcomes for people with psychosis. Some of our work this year has focused on running a campaign in South Birmingham on psychosis.
  • Youth board: we have young people with experiences of mental health issues that work voluntarily with us to help design and deliver our youth services including the website and films etc.
  • Media hub: we run the hub as part of Youthspace including the website content, film development, social networking, e-learning and printed materials / communications.
  • Training: We provide some training to local agencies working with young people including schools.
  • Partners: We work very closely with the Prince's Trust Fairbridge programme and refer people to their youth programmes.